Lisa Tremblay

Qi gong Instructor

Emotional communication learning

Lisa Tremblay has accumulated over 28 years of experience. Certified Qi gong Instructor and Resilience coach from Heartmath Institute. She completed her studies in the fields of humanities, social work, stress management, and certified, trainer, in the art and science of neuro-linguistic programming. Lisa also trained with Micheal Hall in neuro-semantics. Open-hearted, consistent, calm, and steady, Lisa loves teaching.
She sees herself as an emotional guide, who excels in the development of emotional and behavioral strategies. Using her intuition and heart as her compass. She helps others open their hearts and stay connected. Vibrations are transmitted through every feeling. Being in tune and sensitive is her strength. Learning to figure out the why’s of every feeling? The meaning behind… Emotional communication is all about, how our emotions manifest, what they do to our body, how our body responds? Which is what motivated her to open her school in Mont Saint Hilaire NLP, emotional coherence (heart coherence) and developing behavioral strategies are central to the school’s pieces of training.
Expertise in stress reduction programs.

Lisa Provide’s presence, compassion, and awareness.

Awaken the essence of your heart and learn an emotional energy training method to stay connected to yourself and to access your inner wisdom. The history of each human being begins before conception. The experiences of our parents, their values and beliefs tint our perceptions and influence how we act and react. In other words, our family background permeates our unconscious and encourages us to adopt certain behaviour patterns. This is what we commonly call Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

worshop and training

How can Lisa’s worshop and training help you

Will help you write your personal history and add new chapters to it. NLP simultaneously affects the brain (thoughts, beliefs, values,etc.), body (movement and breathing) and heart. NLP acts upon the connection of thoughts to the area of the body those thoughts affect. These connections are identified by tracing our thoughts to their origin, thereby opening the way to our emotions.
Our brain and heart jointly process information. The heart is very useful for restoring balance. When the mind cannot handle events, it tends to focus on what is missing, which causes perceptions to become restrictive and binding. In assessing what exists, we reconcile with what we live, this promoting greater consistency with ourselves.

Connect with you in your environment

The harmonization of all aspects of your being is at your fingertips. Our NLP coaching school in Mont Saint Hilaire will provide you with many tools that will help you to honor your life cycle, moods, natural rhythms, and strength. You become the creator of your own history. NLP helps you realize that a multitude of options are available.
The word coherence, derived from the Latin cohaerentia, refers to the harmonization of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Researchers from the Institute of Heart Math show that our emotions are reflected in the rhythmic pattern of the heart. In other words, our emotions affect our heart rate, which transmits signals, positive and negative, to our brain.
For example, anger and anxiety contribute to an increased heart rate. The feeling of distress increases secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. This results in a physiological discomfort, which affects our behavior. In fact, it is as if our bodies are trying to go at light speed while we constantly apply the brakes. This paradox creates a state of imbalance.
In a state of emotional coherence (heart coherence), the person will feel more peaceful and confident. Decisions made in this state will be smarter. Experiencing emotional (heart) coherence is possible through concrete exercises. Through the application of these exercises and other techniques (training the heart as we would our legs and arms), heart, body and brain harmonize.

A multitude of solutions are available for you

You will learn, to better understand your own life story. Whether you want to improve your issues with self esteem, stress, or conflict resolution skills, learn to defuse the emotional response affecting your wellbeing, we offer resources and practical tools to help you. Is maintaining a positive self-image, discovering your potential for self-healing and clarifying your goals in life what you want? We have developed practical workshops that give you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, or find the child in you. in sum, each of us can live in accord with the child inside us, by learning to make the right choices. Learn how to reclaim your life by becoming the creator of your story.
Benefits from these workshops

Corporate Training

We offer intervention services for your company. Creating new ways, for a happier environment with GRATITUDE. It’s not just a word, it carries, strength and power, learn new ways to stay connected with this powerful emotion, that will bring your team, more success, happiness resilience and creativity.
The focus of our corporate trainings is both stress management and conflict resolution. We offer techniques for boosting leadership skills and improving team spirit. In short, you’ll break down perceived barriers, which will allow you to adopt more effective behavioural strategies, both personally and professionally. You will learn how to optimize your wellbeing and bring ease into your work environment.
For more information on this subject, I will be happy to answer your questions. By focusing on team spirit and collaboration, your company gains strength and value!