Lisa Is available to work with you, by skype,  Deep inner connection, the your hearts own wisdom.

Aligning with your life’s purpose, releasing old beliefs, transforming negative thoughts, to new open pathways.

Being present with your self with the presence of love. Connecting with your heart-body-mind.  Letting go of the stories you can tell your self.  From the past, or creating some in the futur.  Know that every thought, brings feeling, the body does not make any difference, if it’s real or not.  Become the creator of your life.
Coaching session 60 min session $120 Individual session include heart coherence techniques.
Individual sessions

Intensive Retreats

A work shop that, ables to connect into unity seeing collective consciousness

Awaken the essence of your hearts wisdom, in connections with nature’s surrounding. Nutritional vegetarian based meals. Connecting your self to your body, feelings, and welcoming the presences and energy, Emboding you to the unity that we are all ONE.

This workshop brings you in connections with your true self. Guided meditations, walks with nature. Experiencing the self, communication with other on an emotionally level.

For more information, please use the phone number on the contact page to call Lisa about the Webminar.

What you will experience:

Laughter – Joy – Peace – Calmness – Dance

Event to come

With Stephen Whitely – Webinar

More informations will follow shortly.


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